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Human Genetics


AID Factor V / II Kit – Detection of thrombosis risk alleles

RDB 2005 Factor V / II

A prevalence of about 1:20 for heterozygous genotype makes factor V-Leiden the most widespread genetic risk factor for deep venous thrombosis in general public. Reason is a SNP in factor V gene which makes the protein resistant against inactivation. Insufficient inactivation of factor V means a higher risk for thrombosis.

Very similar effect is caused by a mutation in regulatory region of prothrombin gene. Here the mutation causes higher synthesis of factor II resulting in more thrombin and therefor higher risk for thrombosis.

AID Factor V / II Kit enables detection of thrombosis risk alleles.




  • Detection of risk allele FV:Q506 in Factor V gene and G20210A in Factor II gene
  • Differentiation between homozygous and heterozygous genotype
  • PCR with subsequent lineprobe assay
  • Specimen: human DNA isolated from buccal swab, Citrate- or EDTA-blood or biopsy
  • Control bands on every strip show correct DNA isolation, amplification and hybridization
  • Results within 4 hours
  • Suited for automated systems
  • Evaluation and documentation with AID Scanning system


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